Khojaly Massacre

Khojaly Massacre Memorial to the victims of Khojaly Massacre in Baku Participants Armenian armed units vs Azerbaijani civilians Location Khojaly, Azerbaijan Date February 25-26, 1992 Result 613 civilians killed The Khojaly Massacre was the killing of hundreds of ethnic Azerbaijani civilians from the town of Khojaly on 25-26 February 1992 during the Nagorno-Karabakh War. The town itself was levelled to the ground. According to the Azerbaijani side, as well as Memorial Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch and other international observers, the massacre was committed by the ethnic Armenian armed forces, reportedly with help of the Russian 366th Moto Rifle Regiment, apparently not acting on orders from the command. The official death toll provided by Azerbaijani authorities is 613 civilians, of them 106 women and 83 children. 56 people were killed with special brutality. Moreover, 8 families were totally exterminated. 25 children were totally, and 130 children were partly orphaned. 476 people became disabled (76 of them were minors). 1275 people were taken into hostage and even though afterward most of the hostages were released from the captivity, the fates of 150 of them are still unknown. The event became the largest massacre in the course of conflict.